Day for Night

This large-scale video-based work by artist Jim Campbell is a dynamic LED installation at the crown of Salesforce Tower. The exterior of the top six floors are softly lit with 11,000 LEDs together capable of displaying low resolution moving color imagery.

The content of the light installation will be ever changing. Multiple cameras are placed around San Francisco, each capturing different elements of the City, monitoring the rhythms of the tide and wind, the patterns of the weather, the migration of the birds and the daily ebbs and flows of human activity.

Every night a synopsis of that particular day in the life of the City will be projected for communal viewing, visible from 20 miles away.

Tower Top Art Schedule

Midnight Artist Series:
“Orbits/Madaarha” by Shaghayegn Cyrous, Jeanne Finley, John Muse and Laura Figa

October 1st – 31st, Midnight – 1AM

In this eleven-minute loop, “the globe collides with typewriter keys that are in turn chased by gesturing hands, tapping out letters in both Latin and Farsi alphabets. Glass dice roll into the mix, a few of them shattering. Alien flowers pursue the dice, which disintegrate only to reconstitute themselves later. The globe spins, then multiplies into dozens of heavenly bodies as their orbits devolve.”

source: @shaghayegncyrous